Accidents & Injuries

Have you recently had an accident?

Are you still suffering?

Have you tried other options with no success?

Or are you feeling better but concerned about the
long term effects of injury?

Often patients will present to our Chiropractic clinic in a lot of pain, but being unsure exactly what has caused it. Have you ever hurt your back with a seemingly small movement or minor event?

Many people have suffered for a long time but can’t pinpoint exactly what caused their problem in the first place. Do you have daily pain or stiffness and are not sure why?

In most cases we see there is a chronic underling condition that has been caused by a previous trauma, sometimes that the patient can’t even recall until after the first visit or when reminded by their partner. Other causes can be chronic postural or life stresses.

A fall as a child, sports injuries, car accidents and slips or falls as an adult all have the potential to cause micro or macro trauma to the spine. This may give a short term pain such as back ache after a fall or neck pain following a car accident that eases after a couple of days or weeks. As the pain goes away the person thinks they are better and often thinks nothing of it, even when they then get back or neck pain years later.

Often it’s only when we take an x-ray that the long term effects on the spine of previous trauma are seen, this can be early osteoarthritic changes, severe spinal misalignments and curves, degenerative disc disease and reduced space for normal nerve function.


Of course you should always seek appropriate medical care first if you have suffered serious injuries. But damage to the spine could take months or years to surface, well after the injuries have seemingly got better. Seeking chiropractic care after an accident is important to have the spine checked and avoid reliance on painkillers and long term problems.

The chiropractors at West Sussex Chiropractic clinic use gentle adjustments to restore normal spinal motion and relieve pressure on nerves and muscle, allowing the body to heal naturally.

Had an accident or injury?
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